Fish outta water Stuck in the shallows? Sometimes, you got to see how deep you can go.
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Bodies are weird



17 Equations That Changed The World

I would argue that they merely described the world, rather than changed it, but still cool.


Bad Cop/Bad Cop release day + new song!
(at Fat Wreck Chords)


Apollonia Saintclair 472 - 20140401 L’heure du repas (Feeding time)


It’s been in the works for almost two months, but I’m very pleased to officially announce that Crappy Taxidermy is pairing up with Octopus Books to publish a humor book that will be released this upcoming Fall. If you would like to get updates about the book, titled Crap Taxidermy, subscribe here.

Also, if anyone has any fantastic taxidermy shots they would like to submit to be considered for the book, don’t be shy about shooting me a FB or Tumblr message.

Photo via Pinterest


You will be greatly missed Australia! I will return soon. Currently looking for events/parties/jobs in Sydney and Melbourne! #koala #australia #sydney #melbourne #dolcegustoart #relocating #coffeeart #coffeeportrait #michaelbreach #coffeeartist #baristart #nature #wild

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